Univeco SOZ-A10

Semi-synthetic cutting fluid

Univeco SOZ-A10  is a universal semi-synthetic cutting fluid for light operations of processing aluminum alloys (including aviation alloys), non-ferrous metals and cast iron. Allows to increase cutting speed, surface finish and tools life. Contains anti-corrosion and bactericidal additives.


Univeco SOZ-A10


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200 L (barrel)


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Does not contain chlorine and boron compounds, secondary amines, formaldehyde emitting substances, sodium nitrite;
Does not darken aluminum alloys;
Easy to wash off;
Protects well against corrosion when using the recommended concentration;
Low foaming capacity;
High biostability;
Excellent emulsion stability.
Appearance: homogeneous liquid
Color: light brown
Base oil content, %:10
Density at 25°C, g / cm³: 930 ± 10%
pH (1% aqueous solution): 8,5–10,0
homogeneous liquid
light brown
930 ± 10%
The liquid is diluted with water to a working concentration depending on the type and operation of metalworking. The dilution rate of the concentrate is 3-10%. Shake the canister before dilution.
Storage and transportation:
Store in a tightly closed container at temperatures from +5 to +35 ° C, away from direct sunlight and sources of open fire. Freezing is allowed. After freezing, before use, the concentrate must be heated to a temperature of at least + 15 ° C and thoroughly mixed until smooth.
Utilization is carried out according to generally accepted methods (thermal, mechanical, reagent, etc.), recommended for water-miscible semi-synthetic cutting fluids.
Shelf life:
24 month in unopened packaging from the date of production.
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