Univeco Aquakat-SOZ-01

Cutting fluid

Univeco Aquakat-SOZ-01 is a water-soluble universal cutting fluid. Provides friction reduction and cooling of the treated surfaces and tools used in the processing process. Contains anti-corrosion and bactericidal additives.


Univeco Aquakat-SOZ-01


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high anti-corrosion properties effectively protect an operating machine tools and machined parts in the interoperation cycle from corrosion;
high biocide properties do not allow the working solution to deteriorate in hot summer conditions with long equipment downtime and provide an increased service life. Fresh coolant can be topped up regularly as needed;
excellent detergent properties keep metalworking equipment and workplaces clean and effectively prevent the formation of oil deposits and dirt both in the coolant system and around the machine. It also eliminates the need for such interoperative work as degreasing products before painting, welding, galvanizing.
effective cooling of the workpiece and tool by reducing the surface tension of the working coolant solution;
significantly increases tool life, surface finish and part processing speed;
an enhanced effect that contributes to minimal friction and wear ensures an increase in the performance of machinery and equipment;
forms a film that lubricates and protects machine tool guides from corrosion;
does not require degreasing and preservation interoperative work, so that parts can be stored and transported as free from corrosion;
does not require the use of additional equipment and special rooms for the preparation of solutions;
low concentration of the solution of 3-8% gives a longer service life, reduces the need for frequent topping up of cutting fluid, due to which the operating cost of the product is lower than oil cutting fluid by at least 35-45%;
non-toxic and safe for health;
does not contain harmful substances фы sodium nitrite, chlorine, sulfur, organophosphorus compounds or oils;
has a high heat capacity and thermal conductivity for efficient heat dissipation, does not heat up at all operating temperatures, does not ignite, does not foam, does not cause corrosion of metals and alloys, does not corrode rubber products of the cooling system.
The action of the cutting fluid Univeсo Aquakat-SOZ-01:
Appearance: homogeneous opaque liquid
Color: dark emerald
Anti-corrosion action on metals:
Cast iron SCh 18-20, GOST 1412
Steel 45, GOST 1050
Copper MI, GOST 859
Aluminum alloy AL-4 GOST 1583 yes
Density at 25°C, g / cm³: 1,08 ± 5%
pH (1% aqueous solution): 8,5–11,0
homogeneous opaque liquid
dark emerald

1,08 ± 5%
Application of Univeсo Aquakat-SOZ-01:
The product is diluted with water to a working concentration depending on the type and operation of metalworking. The dilution rate of the concentrate is 3-8%. Shake the canister before dilution.

When replacing emulsols with Univeсo Aquakat-SOZ-01, it is recommended to flush the coolant supply system with our product – Univeco-MDS-01, a concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting lubricating and cooling fluid supply systems.
Storage and transportation:
Store in a cool dry place at temperatures from +5 ° C to +35 ° C in a tightly closed container, away from direct sunlight. Freezing is allowed. Sludge formation is allowed. The container must be recycled or disposed of as household waste. Allow the spent solution to stand for 12 hours, remove the contaminated oil that has emerged. Dilute the remaining aqueous fraction three times with water and dispose of in the prescribed manner.
Shelf life:
24 month in unopened packaging from the date of production.
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